Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A success for our 1st Annual Junior Development Tournament!

The Paris Tennis Club held their first annual Junior Development Tournament on Sunday August 31.  16 kids took part in this exciting event which focused on introduction to tournament play, competition, sportsmanship and fun!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the junior members who participated in the first junior development tournament.  It was a huge success and was a great introduction to tournament and game play for our junior members.  Many thanks to our volunteer scorekeepers, helpers and families for your continued help and support!

U9 Girls Division:
1st Place Gold - Lauren Underwood
2nd Place Silver - Olivia Van Tol
Bronze Medal Finalists - Laura Clement, Kaylee McCrea

U10 Boys Division:
1st Place Gold - Carson Burr
2nd Place Silver - Tyler Pearson
Bronze Medal Finalists - Matthew Clement, Kaleb Phee, Jordan Hannah, Quinn McCrea

U14 Boys Division:
1st Place Gold - Owen Van Tol
2nd Place Silver - Brian Douglas
Bronze Medal Finalists - Preston Burr, Todd Pearson\

Beginner Division Champions U7:
Emma Cromien
Victoria Speers

Everyone should be very proud for coming out, participating and competing in the tournament!  See you next season!

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